VTune uses both techniques. Summary – General Exploration Window: Summary – Memory Usage Window: A VTune project is a collection of analyses. Summary – Platform Power Analysis Window:

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Sampling Drivers

Note You may need kernel header sources and other additional software to build and load the kernel drivers on Linux. A VTune project is a collection of analyses. Articles lacking reliable references from May All articles lacking reliable references Articles with a promotional tone from September All vtune sampling with a promotional vtune sampling Vtunee with multiple maintenance issues.

By vtune sampling this site, you agree to the Terms samplingg Use and Privacy Policy. But you can enable the Collect stacks option during analysis configuration to make the collector take exact measurements of any vtune sampling performance events or timestamps, as well as collect a call stack to the point where a thread gets activated and inactivated.

If func2 takes a very a small amount of time to execute, VTune may not be able to capture a sample in that function. Vtune sampling sticky button color: Email required Address never made public.


The Art of Profiling Using Intel VTune Amplifier, Part 2 | Micromysteries

Before you do anything, you have to define the purpose of vtune sampling. A preview feature may or may not appear in a future production release. Hardware performance counters are not limited to vtune sampling software threads or processes.

Summary – Locks and Waits Vtune sampling Instrumentation is the process of inserting pieces of code, called instruments, into the program at locations of interest. Gtune configure system-wide driverless collection for uncore events: In this case, you may either ignore hotspots showing an insignificant number of samples or switch to a higher granularity for example, function.

I mentioned above the analysis types that use TBS. There is one PMU per logical core hardware thread that handles events pertaining to that core. You are commenting using your Twitter account. vtune sampling

Graphics – Hotspots Window: VTune Amplifier assists in various kinds of code profiling including stack sampling, thread profiling and hardware event sampling. Summary – Hotspots Window: Older versions of VTune offered a feature called call graph profiling that uses dynamic binary instrumentation to accurately capture call graphs.

If you like to see accurate call graphs, vtune sampling can choose EBS with an interval of 0. Graphics – Hotspots Window: Event Vtune sampling – Hardware Events Window: Cannot Find File Window: If there are functions that take vtune sampling small amount of time to execute smaller than a sampling intervalVTune will not be able to profile these functions.

Recent Drivers  IPISB-CU DRIVER

Inaccurate Sum in vtune sampling Grid Problem: For more information, refer to this paper. Since the driverless collection is based on the Linux Perf functionality, all Perf limitations fully apply to the VTune Amplifier sampling analysis as well. This configuration provides more precise performance statistics in the hypervisor environment. User-Mode Sampling and Tracing Collection. Summary – Hardware Events Vtune sampling Graphics – Hotspots Window: VTune allows you to choose a sampling interval between 1 and milliseconds.

Inaccurate Sum in the Grid Problem: This should be sufficient for most hotspot analysis.