In a heavy load however movie, gaming, etc. As we cannot explain why the performance in F1 fell short of expectation, we did not add this result to our game database as they would skew overall results. Dealing with larger files, however, sometimes requires a bit more patience than in other devices. Nothing too special here and nothing too special there, designed for some basic word processing, internet use, and some multimedia. Touchpad Similar to the keyboard, the touchpad also has a few oddities. As well, the included McAfee Internet Security and Microsoft Office Starter are programs no one truly needs as the former is time-limited and the latter has limited functionality. The underside reached a maximum of 34 o C 93 o F , making the notebook safe for lap-top use.

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Please, switch off ad blockers. The 3D effect works astonishingly well while sitting directly in front of the notebook.

Quality journalism is tpshiba possible by advertising. On the other hand, we observed an acceptable access time of However, this impression does not have a negative impact on routine use except perhaps in very dark movie scenes. Beauty aside, there are some downsides of note. The power toshibaa is above the keyboard. Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Our test simulates browsing the Internet and the Not only does our test configuration have a higher resolution display, the core components are significantly better.


Satellite PE – Toshiba

Being a TN display, viewing angles are quite bad and we can see here that moving slightly to the side causes the screen to wash out quite a bit. In our battery runtime assessment, our fears were confirmed. We found that 3D rendering is accompanied by a slight blur. The Toshiba Satellite P usually demonstrated a pleasant operating noise.

Nonetheless, it does not shed a favorable light on the cooling system and indicates the potential for some degree of throttling during continuous, high load use during extreme gaming in high ambient temperatures.

Toshiba Satellite P855 Series

The reflective glass surface makes outdoor use difficult and the merely moderate viewing angle stability is typical of TN displays, but not disturbing. The sound was clearpowerfuland more than sufficiently loud.

The combination of large screen, powerful CPU, and dedicated graphics that cannot be deactivated via Optimus cause us concern regarding the power consumption of this multimedia notebook. During full loadsuch as during demanding 3D games, the fan noise increased to 42 dB. No major issues here. The much-noisier optical drive raised the noise level to This is quite concerning but a repeat of the F1 benchmark performed immediately after the stress test did not reveal any performance loss.

It is possible to upgrade this to a maximum of 16 GB. Please, switch off ad blockers. The dark gray, slightly roughened surface provides accurate feedback. The textured surface and choice of materials made a high-end impression.

Recent Drivers  VIA VT6103 DRIVER

Moreover, the colors appear quite naturalalthough they could still be a bit more vivid.

Review Toshiba Satellite P855-107 Notebook

The device has small flaws, but then again all notebooks do. The center of the cover also includes a reflective Toshiba logo. Before we discuss the ergonomics and practicality of interface layout, we first consider overall connectivity.

The entertainment test includes the video and gaming workloads, simulating a typical recreational use scenario. In multi-threaded appliactions and benchmarks, it was almost able to catch up to the much higher TDP, desktop oriented Intel Core i5 K. While it was possible to type quickly and the keys provided good feedbackwe found the glossy surface and the very small keysnamely the arrow keys, space bar, and p855 keys, to be very annoying.

On the contrary, the full-body aluminum case is excellent, with even gaps and a high-end feel. Buttonless touchpad; the display. o855