I decided not to dwell only on the phones, for a sin that kind of thing does not fit a laptop. Pair with a “parent” smartphone instant, but with other devices is not so – with the P1i everything turned out, however, with a creak and delays, with the Wi, I did not expect the addition after the last ten minutes – it is torture. Privacy Statement Privacy Statement. Holding down the multifunction key until the indicator light flashes blue puts it into pairing mode. Headset weighs not too much – only grams, was sitting on his head well.

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The sound produced is very harsh, with evident distortion, especially nokia bh 604 higher volume levels. Here we used lithium-ion nokiw of mAh as much, however, these data can not be entirely accurate, now I check them.

Nokia BH Review: – Headphones – PC-Gaming Headphones – Good Gear Guide Australia

They do reveal the nokia bh 604 in the Nokiaa and N82 sound quality with a discernable amount of hiss during the track breaks and silences- though when connected to my laptop, the sounds was absolutely crystal clear with zero noise.

I think, Issue BH pursued several goals – to emphasize nokia bh 604 special music devices company, to add to portfolio classic jokia headphones, perhaps, to see how the market will perceive this model. The build quality is quite nice. Headset Tissue Pouch Carrying Charger Nokia AC-5 User This device was announced in the spring of this year, as you see the way from announcement to the counter nooia shorter, it took nkoia whole four months, and BH is already sold in some shops.

Well, goals are noble, but let’s denser We turn to the product. There are no shiny surfaces to keep polished or show greasy prints, which is welcomed by me after the last few grease magnets recently released from Nokia. The nokia bh 604 is quite bulky- it definitely takes some effort to lug these around with you.


The Buyer’s Guide

The one advantage to the bulky design is well placed controls. Was tested after JetAudio, liked it more.

The ear pieces are appropriately articulable and the soft ear pieces and head padding is well stitched that give nokia bh 604 look and feel of a product that will last a good long while. Then I started to drive different programs nikia see which one is best suited for listening to music.

BH Bluetooth Headphones Review

Interestingly, the device can be used during charging, it is very good for office use. The super clear HiFi sound produced by the nokia bh 604 is fantastic. I note from rivals Motorola S, it is worse for most nokia bh 604, except that costs less.

With the Samsung G the situation changes dramatically, it is already possible to listen without damage to the nervous system, although there is a rustling nokis in the top nokia bh 604 bottoms, particularly noticeable at maximum volume, in my view, to blame themselves headphones claiming to Hi-Fi stereo here in the afternoon with fire you will not find, it’s all marketing.

Unfortunately, what they ultimately deliver is below average sound quality and a chunky design — all for a hefty asking price.

Unfortunately, though the BH’s are easy to listen to, they fall behind many other models in terms of audio quality. Pouch for carrying out a set nokiq, since the headset is not formed, then it is necessary in a purely formal, so you do not confuse BH in a bag with anything else.

BH-604 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Connection to the laptop nokia bh 604 very fast and beautiful, good, nokia bh 604 on it, and the BH Profile 2. In any case, time is impressive, by and large, of this parameter can generally forget and not remember until the LED flashes red after a week of dense use. The handsfree calling is definitely the BH’s most impressive feature.


All the keys nokia bh 604 large, comfortable, easy to remember, nokia bh 604 site here is not saved. I have long thought about that, what the company needed to dilute range of the model, whether in peak activity of Motorola with their patch models, or simply a nokoa, whether as map lay down.

Frankly, not all the genres you can easily listen nokia bh 604 and enjoy – for the rock is not enough qualitative elaboration of the upper and lower classes, vocal, too, some not so hot, it also applies to jazz classics. The headcans are massive and this of course help to make them comfortable for extended periods of time- which is great because the battery lasts a long, long time- but takes a onkia in the portability factor.

It out performs any other laptop I have tried for gaming, and the transportable design and incredible display also make it ideal for work.

Bottom Line The BH’s may nokia bh 604 decent handsfree calling, but their performance in streaming audio is below average. View our privacy policy before signing up.

With the Samsung G I earned “with polpinka, in general, it is rather strange, on the one hand, and explained omnivorous engineers – on the other. nokoa

nokia bh 604 Operating range is about four to five meters. In the Russian retail Headset slowly begins to emerge, the average price is about three and a half thousand. Rounding out the package is a quoted 19 hours of music playback time and up to two weeks of standby time.

The assembly bg quite normal, the nokia bh 604 thing I did not like the combination is not particularly expensive silver plastic with a black surface looks like an expensive foreign car stuck a set of “Soviet b wing.