The thermal material must be thoroughly cleaned from the surfaces of the heat sink 1 , 2 , and 3 , the system board components 4 and 6 , and the processor 5 each time the heat sink is removed. When I do get it to come on, it will either stay on the black screen that says COMPAC, or it will go to the windows repair screen and stay there for a really long time scanning. Backup and recovery Recovering system information Tools provided by the operating system and Recovery Manager software are designed to help you with the following tasks for safeguarding your information and restoring it in case of a system failure: Please browse the Categories to the upper left for items of interest. Performing a recovery NOTE:

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Pomoc techniczna HP dla klientów — Witamy

Remove the backlight from the backlight frame. Your site helped me replace the cooling fan in my F a few months ago. The screen is still bright and you can see it, correct? You will not be able to fix this problem if you have tried everything and it says no sound card installed even after going through all the safe mode steps.

I had a similar problem with Compaq Presario V notebook. G Compaq presario,presario f Compaq presario,presario f Compaq compaq presario f761us f Compaq presario,presario f Compaq presario,presario f Lift the rear edge of the top cover 1 and swing it 2 up compaq presario f761us forward until it rests at an angle. Display assembly Description For use only with HP G computer models Includes camera module and cable Does not include camera module and cable For compaq presario f761us only with Compaq Presario C computer models Includes camera module and cable Does not include camera module and cable Before removing the display assembly, follow these steps: Are both connections required to power the board or is only one hopefully the one on the left required.

Can you see DVD drive in the device manager? The laptop will run, but the battery never charged.

But my problem is compaq presario f761us i had dropped it. The laptop has not been charging the battery, but it would run off the AC adapter. Component Replacement Procedures, Serial Number, Computer Feet Make special note of each screw and standoff size and location during removal and replacement. Hey i also have a compaq f When I plug it into the monitor my monitor on the notebook shows up a f761ks but compaq presario f761us much.

Using advanced Setup Utility features This section describes the Setup Utility features recommended for all users. There is no way I can tell what went wrong without looking at compaq presario f761us laptop but this could be assembly related problem.

This board can be unplugged from the motherboard. Repair Shop Bulk Lots. Beau travail — Merci. I currently try to play call of duty modern warfare 2.

If it fails, nothing is lost since I would have to replace it anyway. The Maintenance and Service Guide c My first instinct now was that the battery must be dead, but I was wrong again. Compaq presario f761us and selection are by keystroke. Circuitry design and structure determine the degree of sensitivity.

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Not sure if your laptop is one of compaq presario f761us. Toshiba Satellite M20 Series: Thanks for ur healp,i have presario v with no backlights i replaced the inverter and the display screen and still no backlights could u tell me what is the problem? Check out all sound related settings in the control compaq presario f761us.

Compaaq to this Manuals Your Name.

Unscrew the bad fan and replace it with a new one. Think i found the problem.

The connector from Step compaq presario f761us the horizontal arrow was covered on the original mobo what can I secure the contacts with? Instead of replacing just the DC jack which requires soldering I suggest replacing the entire DC jack board.

Maybe the laptop runs slow because the cooling module is clogged with dust compaq presario f761us because of that the CPU overheats compaq presario f761us runs very slow. First the sound went. System memory map specifications All troubleshooting and repair procedures are detailed to allow repair at only the subassembly or module level. Remove one screw securing the motherboard. Do you have any advice for me? Another HP L the oldest one still working for over 6 years, thanks God so I can have plenty time to find how to repair my broken one now.

Replace thermal grease on the CPU. Or if i wait for even half an hour it doesn nothing. Thanks a lot compaq presario f761us the reply. Being on disability its hard to just buy another. System Board Lift the rear edge of the top cover 1 and swing it 2 up and forward until it rests at an angle. Page 4 Safety warning notice It has a similar presaroi compaq presario f761us to this laptop.

Compaq presario f761us believe only one USB port is located on that board. Description Includes infrared transceiver Does not include infrared transceiver Before removing the audio board, follow these steps: