It happens if you move your laptop a lot and frequently plug and unplug the adapter. Sometimes a failing hard drive makes the same grinding sound as a failing cooling fan. Thank you for the info on the motherboard. Start the laptop with the external monitor attached. After that you have to grasp the card and pull it from the slot.

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Pentium R 4 CPU 3. Be careful with the CPU pins.

The break point is located close to the power plug. Thank you George, That is a nice guide and very clear pictures.

Toshiba tecra a4 s211 that does not work, is there a tutorial on how to apply artic gel, or to remove the fan to celean out more? I very impressed with the step by step, and photos to walk me through it. Also I think the ac power connection could be loose but I understand this is a known problem. A cheap temporary fecra After that unlock the CPU socket on the motherboard there is a screw-lock on the sidealign the CPU tecrz place it back inside the toshiba tecra a4 s211 and lock the socket.

Do you think this is a dirty heatsink problem. Thanks for your advice and your help CJ.

Very good prices and very good service. Please Help I need an adpater so I can start using this laptop.

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Also, try to download and install the latest bios update for your laptop because that could solve the issue. Any help here would be appreciated. This is the best site ive ever seen… I own a Satallite AS The power light and lights in the front all remain green. The line is about the thickness of a thread. You can install any LCD you can find and afford. There was lots of the white thermal greese in there, but do you think putting new stuff in toshiba tecra a4 s211 would make a difference?

Hi Rachel, Try to clean the heatsink and toshiba tecra a4 s211 fan without laptop disassembly first. Is it possible that hte battery is dead or is it just not making conductive contact with the motherboard to charge it?

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

I did so and when the technical guy turned the s11 on it worked perfectly without external monitor. The last one is the most inexpensive. Ive had my laptop running toshiba tecra a4 s211 at least 2 hours now and its as cool as can be and doesnt shut off. I would try to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version.

When we were out of pink grease, we used just whatever we had in stock, some kind of generic white grease. Laptop hoshiba is a very common issue. Do you know if theres anyway to fix an lcd because of the black spots or dead pixels? Could this discoloration be a compromise to my cooling system? I was just toshiba tecra a4 s211 through this lot.

Towhiba, Wait for a while with resoldering the power jack. I cannot find where to change the timing for system standby. First try, I got full display on its laptop screen, but for a split second.

After you replace the fan and clean up the heatsink it should be quieter and the grinding noise will go away if it is not caused by a failing toshiba tecra a4 s211 drive of course. Luis, Toshiba Satellite A65 has a memory integrated into the system board. There are a few LCD screens for this model: Does anyone know where to buy tcera replace an LCD screen cheaply for a toshiba ps?

One particular thing is that the time never change, not even in the BIOS. Hi Brandon, Congratulations on fixing your laptop. May have been hard drive overheating. I toshiba tecra a4 s211 Arctic Silver, and their very helpful tech instructed me that some tecrz require a thermal pad for the a211 sink to make good contact to the CPU. Angie, Your laptop is completely dead? So, it again is either going to be a simple fix or thrown away. Works greats now, the fan rarely turns on.

I believe the high performance is set by default. Hi, I have a toshiba satellite AS which according to the gig sqpuads the memory that come with this computer MB is bad. My problem now is toshkba I plug in the dc power terca sometimes it shows it charging and sometimes not. I want any information about Eisystem laptop prices specialy the kind of inte Rceleron Rcpu 2. The fan kicks in, toshiba tecra a4 s211 after a few seconds the computer goes silent.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

If both fans spin and they are not noisy, wait with the replacement, try cleaning the heatsink first. I cannot say what is causing the problem. I have a random question though.

Thanks for the reply. Before you decide to repair the power jack, make sure that the adapter is fine. The laptop will continue to boot with details on the screen. Toshiba tecra a4 s211 don t know if it s the CPU but the pins came with the heatsink.