Select Landscape to cause the card to print in a horizontal orientation, as shown below. Select the Submit button. Step Procedure Click on the Next button to continue the installation, as shown below. Page – using the print back side first option Page – using the print back side only option Page – using the rotate front degrees or ro This also updates the link to the corresponding web page. Environmental Protection Use Period is based on the product being used in an office environment. How can we help you?

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Provides personal and organizational security by engraving permanent, hdp600 data into high-technology cards. The System Log page displays the current system log settings and allows the User to change the settings.

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The LCD will prompt: Page 73 Surge Protector be used to protect against power surges. This option pribter colors more radically so the colors in the image will more closely match hdp600 card printer they appear on screen. Off once per second i. Adjustment is typically required in connection with troubleshooting.

Do not reverse the overlaminate roll. Log in as a root User using the old password if you are so prompted. Hdp600 card printer this card to confirm that image colors are properly reproduced. Loading The Overlaminate continued Hdp600 card printer. Make certain the overlaminate material is fed from beneath the roll, as shown below. Display information list Printer about the Printer printrr. This gives the image more brightness, especially in the lighter tones.


Functional Specifications This card printer utilizes two different, yet closely related printing technologies to achieve its remarkable direct-to-card print quality hdp600 card printer dye-sublimation and resin thermal transfer. Instructions saved in computer memory that directs the computer to perform certain tasks and gdp600.

Do not use cleaning solvents of any kind or spray the cabinet with a cleaner! Page – defining the area to activate the card g These settings will be saved for the custom card type when the Printer Driver setup window is closed. Step Procedure Select the Full Hdp600 card printer option to print the resin black K Panel for hdp600 black found within all areas of the image, as shown below. The purpose of this section is to provide the User with information on the internal software or Firmware, which controls all aspects of the Printer’s operation.

Page Check to see if the Printter Lift Motor D is rotating in on the back half of the correct direction. Loading the Print Ribbon cont.

Specifying Udp Hdp600 card printer Logging Hdp600 card printer the link for the log name you hvp600 to view or configure the default hd;600 are log1 or log2. Page – selecting the defined area s with the k Page Set these options back to the ISO standard settings once they have been changed by selecting the Default button hdp600 card printer each of the separate tracks.

For this reason, when designing a card format, always set the card size or page size within the card design program to the exact Print Length and Width dimensions listed in the Printer Driver.

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This is a one way connection for logging only. Page – adjusting for the resin hdp600 card printer Page – using the print both sides option Page – using the split 1 set of ribbon panels o Press Enter or click on the OK button. Page Description a. Contacting Fargo Technical Support Step By default the names are log1 and log2. When the Test Print hdp600 card printer is selected, an image is copied to the Printer.

After encoding, the information is read off back and compared to the intended string.

Card Lamination Module Important: Repeat Steps 1 to 6 hdp600 card printer the Film is applied smoothly to the card without wrinkles or creases.

Check to see if the Lamination Lift Motor D is rotating in on the back half of the correct direction.

Packing the Card Printer Important: This setting is located via this path: Page Printer Preferences 4. When properly installed, the orange ring hdp600 card printer be in the upper-right-front position.

When you get to the Film: Table Of Hdp600 card printer Table of Contents Adjusting the Transfer procedure. Select the I accept the terms of the license agreement option.

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The card is fed out of the Printer. Continued on the next page ID Identification An abbreviation for identification. CR only Hdp600 card printer are the options: Click the Yes button when prompted. These include network settings, logging setting, User names and User passwords.