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Anonymous October 23, at 1: For reading theory you can start with the NCERT books as the information given in this book is to the point downloaf totally apt for beginners. My Performance Analysis Test. You can go through the comments section on Flipkart to see how many students actually swear by this book!

Yash bajaj – June 23, at 9: Pick from one of the books I mentioned in the list above and you should be good to go. Anant Grover – June 20, at 3: Without solving questions from this book no preparation for JEE level physical chemistry can be termed as complete. Being a private initiative at highly subsidised sollutions fee, the seats for all integrated school programs are limited. Read this — http: His book, Problems in General Physics contains close to problems in various topics of General Physics and in order to solve these problems you will really need to have strong concepts.

jee main answer key 2014 fiitjee solutions pdf download

JEE Main 2014 Question Papers, Answer Keys and Solutions – Paper 1 and Paper 2

Is ML Khanna a good book for mathematics….??? Alok srivastava – July 24, at 7: The publishers of this book have released a JEE Mains special edition which drops out all the JEE irrelevant matter from the original book.

Hi Dharmendra, trying to help PM Modi is a noble idea indeed. I have this query because ncert textbook lacks most of the info and concepts which are dwonload in hc verma. However, I did not have the time to solve the entire book and trust me no one actually does that but I did try to solve the problems from kinematics, gravitation and fluid mechanics.

Answer Sheet Of Jee Mains Of

You should start studying solutions of problems to get a feel of how a particular problem is being attacked. What I did was just used this book to go through various necessary Trigonometry concepts and then used the TMH Math book to solve problems. Please give me a Best list of books that should be reffered to get AIR1.

Thanks for this post. fiiyjee


Anonymous March 26, at 3: Hi Abhi, we do not have the keh in PDF format as of now. This gave me great idea which books I should follow for IIT….

I do not want to buy two books. Hi Mam solutionw, Telugu akdemi question bank for mains and iit is suitable for preparation and undetstanding physics and to cracks mains …mam pl.

All the best for your preparation. Please help…I want to score atleast This is another book from Arihant that is favorite among the JEE prep circle and teachers when it comes to studying Vector and 3D geometry.

Which book is good for learning about space,dimensions etc…?

Aman Sachdev – March 13, at 4: Kindly give your suggestions. This book is more like a reference textbook and final revision material for Organic Chemistry. Free Iitjee Coaching Classes – October 29, at 8: Reading through the book was a charm during kej JEE Prep days.

Always remember, success in JEE is a mixture of hard work, conceptual clarity and of course some luck!

Rey Mysterio May 19, at 1: I am a 12 class dropper and want to appear for jee mains nd also weak in organic chemistry. Vipul varshney – July 7, at 6: