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View all 3 comments. Archived from the original on Valerie showed Nick her hate list and it became some sort of their favorite pastime, bully-bashing behind their back.

But we’re readers and we keep circling in and out of orbit, so that’s that. Valerie realizes that people need to know the truth about Nick, but also about those who were his victims. She hate list by jennifer brown pdf download a quiet person, and gets teased and tormented because of the fact that it was her boyfriend who killed over a dozen jennlfer.

Five months since that tragic day.

One was an Abigail Haas quote: Valerie saw right through what she thought was just an act Jessica was putting on, even though she was being genuinely nice.

It shouldn’t be easy to assign blame, close the case and hate list by jennifer brown pdf download it a day. Val finds herself trying to figure out whether or not she was the cause of the shootings, even though she was the one who stopped Nick at the end. The character dynamics were really well written. The list becomes their “thing” that they discuss and add to; the bullies, hate list by jennifer brown pdf download tormentors, the thugs.

The narrative of this novel is Three words: Many believe she and Nick planned the shooting, many blame her for creating the list regardless. The book actually started after the incidents with little snippets of news about what happened during the shooting. How am I different?

Download PDF: Hate List by Jennifer Brown Free Book PDF

It wasn’t really about self pitying, but more about the fact that she learned that the person she loved the most was a complete stranger and she couldn’t ask for explanation. She blamed herself for not seeing it coming.

I admire that about her. Valerie perceived her boyfriend, Nick, as good — before he shot up their school.

It is this part of her hate list by jennifer brown pdf download that she now struggles with – she is torn between guilt and innocence, and it is this same distinction that others are too quick to make. Goodreads jenniver you keep track of books you want to read. For once, I can truly say that I have found a writer that can tap into what it really feels like to be a teenager, an honest to goodness, authentic lost.

Hate List Summary & Study Guide

When Nick first moved to Garvin their freshman year of high school, Valerie began a flirtation with him. There is a hollow that comes from those scars. It is about Valerie, a student in Jnr High, who one day decides to start a list in a notebook.

The author of the book: The narrative takes the reader through not just the event, but for Val’s reminiscence of her relationship with Nick and the conflicting emotions she feels hate list by jennifer brown pdf download not being able to understand the divide between her good memories with him, his distancing, and the consequences of what he did.

Five months after the shooting, Valerie returns to school and steadily begins to cope with the loss of her boyfriend, the loss of her former friends, her family’s resulting issues, and how it all will affect her future.


All of hate list by jennifer brown pdf download people that he shot were on a Hate List that he and Valerie created, except one- Valerie. Hate List cannot be considered a shallow or hatf read, for the hard-hitting themes and thoughts it provokes.

I’m not going to write massive amounts on this book, but put simply Jenniifer would have easily given a 5 star review if it weren’t for the confusing tense changes up until about half way through the novel. Brodn people just like them who were full to the brim of pain, anger, loneliness, grief, insecurities, and fear. In the end, the premise convinced me most in this novel, while the characters fell flat for me and the plot balanced on a constant middle course between boring and interesting.

Heiler’s character – he really came through as an outstanding character not just in Val’s recovery, but in his own person hate list by jennifer brown pdf download well for support in a community that’s still trying to pick up the pieces for the event.

No downliad really took account of the fact that Nick and Valerie were harassed, abused and bullied day jennifef day, because those are crimes less than murder. See more popular or the latest prezis. It’s a subject that really touches me and I loved how it was handled. Valerie’s mother does not trust her, her father is tired of dealing with her, and her brother thinks she’s too cownload to see what is going on around her.

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